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Tuesday S&H recs: music and songfic

Starsky and Hutch sing Black Bean Soup in Death Notice. Hutch sings country songs in Long Walk and Moonshine, plus Starsky plays guitar and sings Jim Croce in Avenger. What other music do they like? Or songs that work in stories?

I Will (m/m) by Mvernet
A Songfic inspired by The Beatles "I Will"

Can't Help Falling in Love with You (m/m) by Daisy_Morgan
It was love at first sight. They just didn't know it yet.

'Cause Somewhere in the Crowd, There's You (m/m) Dawnwind
Now that Hutchinson is a pop star, he invites Starsky to Glasgow to see his show. Will Starsky take the next step? Romance ensues.

What are you favorite songfic stories or songs where Starsky or Hutch play music?
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Tuesday S&H recs: On vacation

Starsky and Hutch going on vacation together--whether for play or an undercover assignment--is canon. We see them go to Pine Lake together in Salem's Witches, to an island in Playboy Island (where exactly are they supposed to be? Did they film in Hawaii or is it all California?) and on a cruise to Mexico Murder at Sea. It's summer and the living is easy. Where else should they go?

The Reluctant Tourist by CC (CCwriter)
International travel isn't for everyone.

Sexy Lucky Fruit Basket (m/m) by Freshcandy
On vacation in Las Vegas, Starsky and Hutch take a hike. Overlooking the city, Hutch considers whether Starsky is a goat or a stag or a sexy lucky fruit basket.

Bound to the Law: Collar and Cuffs Required (m/m) by Dawnwind
After a mentally and physically trying case, Starsky and Hutch vacation on an exclusive island for people into BDSM.

Which are your favorite vacation destination reads?
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Tuesday S&H recs: Daddy and Papa

I had a request for stories where Starsky and Hutch have children (yay, send more theme suggestions!)--so I thought I'd narrow it to fic where they are a couple and have kids. Oy, the search engine on AO3 would not cooperate and it's even more difficult to search for specific themes on the archive. So I need your help. I know there are stories where they have adopted kids or have fathered some. I know I didn't write the only ones. (our friend Kira_Berlin is writing one but she's recovering right now and hasn't finished it yet.) So, post those daddy and papa fics!

Venus on the Half Shell (m/m) by Dawnwind
Starsky finds an abandoned baby and Hutch has the flu. This was my submission for the 'Make Hutch Sneeze' contest.

Venus Rising (m/m) Dawnwind
Starsky and Hutch's household expands when Hutch meets a little boy amidst chaos and brings him home.

(there are more sequels to this but I gotta dash--Venus was her name and Venus in the Sky with Rhinestones.)

C'mon--we need those kid fics!
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Tuesday S&H recs: Fireworks for Fourth of July

Those of us in the US are celebrating the Fourth of July this week, when the Declaration of Independence was signed--I know it's a sore point for those in England, but we can all celebrate with fun, summery Starsky and Hutch stories. I just realized that all three of these stories were written by fans from other countries, not the US. Cool.

Firecrackers and Cherry Bombs (m/m) by Chel
Hairy asses and anal sex: a problematic combination. But these guys are problem solvers, right?

Celebrate (m/m) by Kira Berlin
Starsky and Hutch celebrate the 4th of July

A Father's Wrath (m/m) by Wightfaerie
This story is background to a paragraph in my novella Half A Century.
Hutch decides that Fourth of July is a good time to tell his father about the real relationship between him and Starsky.
Slash with sex scene and bigotry--do not read if this will offend.

Do you have favorite summer celebration stories?
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Tuesday S&H recs: Magical, fae, fantasy

Fans are suggesting themes lately. YAY! I love that. This week--magical stories with supernatural (not Sam and Dean...) themes. There aren't that many in Starsky and Hutch but I found a few.

Befogged (m/m) by Rosemary
First published as in excerpt entitled Thresholds in the 2002 SHareCon Zine, and then published as a complete story in the Starsky and Hutch AU (alternate universe) themed zine, Timeless, in 2003.

Hutch and the Merman (gen) by Hutchynstarsk
This is an AU. Starsky is a merman. Hutch is drowning, and Starsky saves him. And what happens in the lives after that.

The Future Ain't What it Used to Be (m/m) by Dawnwind
A Hawthorn door proves to be a portal into a future Bay City with a corpse who is very familiar to Starsky and Hutch.

Can you find a few more? Maybe with Sam and Dean, too?
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Tuesday S&H recs: Going viral: The Plague and Covid

Last week, we had old guys and one fan posted that she'd written Covid stories--and I had, as well. So this is all viral, all the time. Hutch with the plague? One of them in the 2020s getting Covid? Or Starsky with the flu, so Hutch indulges in some unnecessary bathing. It's all good!

Love in the Time of Covid-19 (m/m) by Silver_Chipmunk
A drabble about holiday plans in 2020. From the Starsky and Hutch advent calendar 2020.

I'll Keep you Safe (m/m) by Curlew
Hutch has to do something that scares him. A COVID related mushy drabble.

The Christmas Cottage (m/m) by Daisy_Morgan
While hospitalized with the plague, Hutch is tormented by dreams of a Christmas spent alone. But Starsky has other plans.

Corona Time (m/m) by Dawnwind
Two Corona virus drabbles

Do you have a favorite plague, flu, or Covid story?
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Tuesday S&H recs: Older Guys

Tuesday S&H recs: Older Guys
Just when I think I've used up every idea for a theme, I chat with other fans and get ideas. Someone casually mentions something and yay--a theme for Tuesday recs. Old Guy stories. Some only like Starsky and Hutch as young, thirty-something cops in Bay City, others want to explore their lives not only past Sweet Revenge, but into the 1980s and beyond.

Mountains, Valleys, Plains (m/m) Verlaine
The boys discuss a certain cowboy movie.

Red Zebra (gen) HutchynStarsk
Hutch is looking at seed catalogues again.

Love in the Afternoon (m/m) by DPPatricks
An afternoon's nap is interrupted by the unintended response to Starsky's internet search. More 'older guys' fun & games.

Have any favorite older guys fic you want to share?
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Tuesday S&H recs: The Torino

If you ask most mundanes what they recall about Starsky and Hutch, they will immediately say The Torino. The mobile Coke can, the striped tomato. It was red--with a white stripe. A Nike ad in a show that featured adidas shoes.

Tomato & Squash (m/m) Mvernet
Starsky's Torino, Candy, is having a hard time dealing with the news that Hutch's LTD, Sweetheart, was totaled. Starsky's present to Hutch of a duplicate LTD, sends Candy into a tailspin.

Still the One (vid) by Raynebow68

Morning Glow (m/m) Dawnwind
Alternate ending to The Set-up, tying up a few loose ends.How Starsky got a second Torino.

Which stories, vids or art feature the Torino?
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Tuesday (early) S&H recs: Vacation!

I'm leaving early tomorrow for my first post pandemic vacay so posting recs early. Starsky and Hutch on vacation! It's canon, since we see them going to Dobey's cabin together, as well as being undercover on vacation in Playboy Island, Las Vegas Strangler and Murder at Sea.

The Reluctant Tourist(m/m) by CC
International travel isn't for everyone.

Targets (m/m) by Sarah Problem
(slash virtual season) Year 06 - episode 01
When a man ends up dead, a vacation turns deadly for Starsky and Hutch, who find themselves prime targets.
Which are your favorite Starsky and Hutch on vacation stories?
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Tuesday S&H recs: Post Sweet Revenge

We've all rewatched the ep, reveled in the emotion, intensity and love--what happens next? Today are stories that occur after the shooting--could be Starsky's recovery in hospital, his discharge home, or even months later as he goes back to real life.

Becoming Someone Else: Starsky-1980 (m/m) by KimberlyFDR
It was as if someone had dropped me in quicksand and I was sinking deeper and deeper.

Beer and Butterfly Bones (gen) by Callisto
Starsky thought it was interesting that a sign of returning health in his partner was his ability to once again eat the kind of unholy crap a hamster would refuse. Starsky was the one freshly out of hospital, but it seemed they were each doing their own recovery.

The Left Hand of Solomon (m/m) by Dawnwind
Hutch discovers peace in a place he hadn't planned to look.
This story contains Bible quotations and religious comments that could be considered offensive to some.

Which are your favorite post SR fic?