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April 12th The Sunday Times (UK) Interview with David [Apr. 18th, 2019|11:23 am]
Starsky & Hutch Fans

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I recently found this by following David on Twitter (he & PMG are both there—@DavidRSoul & @MrPMGlaser). David Tweeted about it earlier this week. Among the news in it I don’t think the fans know/knew is he has a grandson (through 1 of his sons—China is still living in the U.K.; the grandson lives in the US).

Starsky and Hutch Actor David Soul on His Final Assignment

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So, who is YOUR favorite writer, artist, or vidder? [Apr. 17th, 2019|09:14 am]
Starsky & Hutch Fans


It is time to start thinking about your nominations for your favorite new and established writers, artists, vidder, stories or other writings, art, and vids. Yes, it is time to nominate for both the Paula Wilshe Award for New Writers in Starsky and Hutch, and for the Marian Kelly Hall of Fame Awards in SH.
We've set up a new post that explains who these wonderful fans were and why these awards were named for them. The post also has all the details you need to be able to nominate any person or work you'd like to recognize for all the pleasure these creators give us all year.
Our creative folk spend countless hours crafting stories and poem, art, and vids for very little recognition. This is our chance to let them know we fans really appreciate their efforts in keeping our fandom alive and vibrant. We need your nominations and participation to make these awards work!
You can find all the relevant links and information here:
Remember, these awards are open to all genres.
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Slightly early Tuesday S&H recs: Pariah [Apr. 15th, 2019|09:25 pm]
Starsky & Hutch Fans


This is the end of our first day of two in Disneyland, so I am posting this a wee bit early. Pariah is our episode of the week--and what a great episode it is. Drama, angst, Starsky and Hutch so together against the world. Plus, a bad guy we really love to hate, because he likes to emotionally torture our guys.

Two stories by excellent writers:

Goat Milk Delux (m/m) by Flamingo
This story takes place immediately after the episode Pariah. That's the episode with Hutch tricking Starsky into drinking one of his morning health drinks, made with goat's milk, dessicated liver, blackstrap molasses, trace minerals, and other treats.

What you Want, What I Need by (m/m) jat Sapphire
A missing scene between the zoo scene and the tag in "Pariah".

Do you have any recs? Or suggestions of stories for later episodes?
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Tuesday S&H recs: The Bait [Apr. 9th, 2019|11:37 am]
Starsky & Hutch Fans


Personally, I like The Bait--the flash threads, Hutch buying Starsky shoes, undercover and having the giggles when they are arrested. Oh, and Lynn Marta as the girl of the week. I rather like what she wears, too! Anyway, could not find one missing scene or story connected to the episode. Maybe it's the limitations of search engines...so here's a cute drabble I stumbled across while on my search. Maybe one of you know a The Bait related fic? Or else, there's my next writing challenge for the group!

Criminal Intent (m/m) by Silver Chipmunk
This was written for a challenge on the me_and_thee_100 livejournal community. The prompt was "tall". The show it refers to is Law and Order: Criminal Intent, and the partners are Bobby Goren and Alex Eames.

Got any recommendations? Or links for fic related to episodes coming up such as The Hostages, Jojo and Running.
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Rosemary aka Tiranog's Celebration of Life [Apr. 4th, 2019|10:23 am]
Starsky & Hutch Fans


Rosemary Callahan was an active fan author, zine producer, vidder, con goer and con committee member, and creator in numerous fandoms, including Star Trek, Starsky and Hutch, the Professionals, Man from UNCLE, Harry/Johnny, Due South, Keifer/Lou fandom, Miami Vice, Highlander, the Sentinel, and Harry Potter. She wrote under her full name and as Rosemary, Tiranog, and CrowRow. She was active in fandom from the age of 14 until her passing in November 2018.

Details follow...Collapse )

Please join us on May 18th at Brookside Gardens, Maryland, at 11:30 am, for Ro's Celebration of Life. The event is indoors. You can find details about the event and a link for the gardens at http://ourlakehouse.net/rememberingro/.

We'd especially appreciate it if you could post memories of Ro on our remembrance page. We're hoping to produce a memory book for the event, but we can't do that without your input. I'll have to approve your posting (this helps us defeat spammers), so it may not appear instantly, but I'll get to it as soon as I can.

Please email me at kathleen.omalley@verizon.net if you plan to attend. If you would like a hard copy invitation, drop me a note with your name and address. If you'd rather send a memory directly for me to include in the book rather than post it online, that's fine, too.

Whether you can attend the Celebration or not, please visit the page and leave a memory about Ro. I'm looking forward to hearing from you.
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Tuesday S&H recs: Death Notice [Apr. 2nd, 2019|02:45 pm]
Starsky & Hutch Fans


Death Notice:Strippers (including the earliest appearance by Roz Kelly), an Eastern European man who overhears a serial murderer and what has to be the tallest owner of an exotic dance club in Bay City. I only found one story attributed to this episode, by one of my favorite authors, Callisto. Let's all sing an extra chorus of Black Bean Soup!

Episode 7: Death Notice (gen) by Callisto/Sheila

Do you know of any Death Notice themed stories? Or rec anything your little heart desires.
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Tuesday S&H recs: The Fix [Mar. 26th, 2019|09:51 am]
Starsky & Hutch Fans


What can any fan say about The Fix? One of the most iconic episodes of the series. LOTS of stories. Lots. Hutch kidnapped, Starsky's worry. Hutch hooked on horse, found in an alley. Then Starsky to the rescue, defying the odds and getting his partner clean. The hugs, the love... I picked two stories that were new to me, since I and nearly every writer out there have written a story for this episode.

When All Else Fails (gen) by Ultrapsychobrat
After 'The Fix' Hutch decides he can't be trusted. Pre-slash, so no sex or naughty parts.

Castlewood (gen) by Cynatnite
Starsky and Hutch get help from an unlikely place. A snippet from The Fix

Any favorites? Which do you go and read most often? And thanks to all who send me recs for future episodes. Very appreciated.
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Tuesday S&H recs: Snowstorm [Mar. 19th, 2019|09:45 am]
Starsky & Hutch Fans

[Tags|, ]

A central theme in many S&H eps is corruption in the police force--bad cops. And you can't get any worse than cops dealing in cocaine. But props to the show for a salt and pepper team in a period where that wasn't common.

Shadow of a Dream (slash)by CC
What happened to put that beautiful smile on Hutch's face in the tag of Snowstorm?

A Spotty Dog and a Broken Heart (gen) by mvernet
Hutch has to deal with killing his brother cop, Corman. It should be easy enough to close the case. But Internal Affairs has something else in mind for Detective Hutchinson.
Starsky and a spotty dog try to pick up the pieces and mend Hutch's heart.

do you have any other favorites for this episode? I am looking for stories based on Kill Huggy Bear, The Bait, Hostages, Omaha Tiger, Jojo and Running if you know any. Thanks!
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Tuesday S&H recs: Death Ride [Mar. 12th, 2019|08:32 am]
Starsky & Hutch Fans


Third episode! Death Ride is a fun story with twists and turns every few minutes, but as a Northern Californian, I do take some issue. As with nearly everything else, the production crew did the shoot as cheaply as possible without any research, because that ain't No California, no way, no how. Where's the ocean? The hills? San Francisco? lol Still, I do enjoy Starsky in cowboy boots and Hutch sampling Starsky's lunch without asking.

Coda by Terri White
Scroll to Death Ride for the snippet.

Minor characters Project: Linda Williams (f/f) by Verlaine
The women of Death Ride.

If you know any other Death Ride stories, rec 'em. Also, there used to be a list of stories by episode that a fan called Pepper made up. I know many of the links will be broken but does anyone still have that?
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Tuesday S&H recs: Texas Longhorn [Mar. 5th, 2019|09:30 am]
Starsky & Hutch Fans


The second aired episode--Texas Longhorn is kind of a favorite of mine, although their handling of the silver toe piece through the whole investigation makes me grit my teeth. I always wonder if the case could have gotten to trial since the evidence is covered with Starsky and Hutch's fingerprints. lol Still, the story is so sad! Wife abused and murdered, the husband beyond grief striken...

Blurred Lines (m/m) by Dawnwind
A Texas Longhorn reboot set in 2013.
After a well-known car dealer's wife is raped and murdered, Starsky and Hutch go after the suspects armed with only a picture of a silver boot tip. The car dealer has an agenda of his own and nearly derails the investigation when he refuses to cooperate. Why would he try to prevent the police from charging his wife's murderers?

Defining a Subculture (n/m) by Keri T
Missing scene based on the episode Texas Longhorn.

Which are your favorite TL related fics? And if you know any stories that tie into the less commonly watched eps, send then my way!
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