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A Zoom virtual panel on SHarecon

You can join us on Saturday October 24, 2020 to listen to our panel discuss the history of SHarecon, tell some anecdotes, give us some behind the scenes peeks and talk about the con's future.

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Topic: SHarecons Past and Future
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Blue starsky

Tuesday S&H recs: G is for Grandrobino

I enjoyed spending time with Grandrobino (or Robin) at SHarecon--one time, I had to switch planes in Minnesota, and there in the waiting area for my next flight, was Robin! A bit of trivia--she and I have the same birthday. That's what fandom is to me, getting to know other fans and talking about Starsky and Hutch.

The Bay City Affair by Grandrobino
Bay City Detectives Starsky and Hutch meet UNCLE Agents Solo and Kuryakin. Because, really, they just had to be pals.

Which are your favorite authors starting with the letter G?
S&H Dalmation

Tuesday S&H recs: F is for Fiona Courtney

I had the opportunity to meet Fiona when I went to England in '06 (I think it was that year). She wasn't in the fandom long, but a lovely woman--and this is such a sweet, gentle fic.

Minnesota Morning (m/m) by Fiona Courtney
Starsky and Hutch are getting ready to spend the day on the lake - but someone's watching.


Which are your favorite authors who begin with F?

Tuesday S&H recs: E is for Ellis Murdock

When I first started in the fandom, Ellis Murdock was a writer I gravitated towards. Loved her way with Starsky and Hutch. Her stories exist in that space between obvious slash and gen. Capella is probably in my top ten favorite stories--and it doesn't have any of the things I usually go for. It's not h/c nor a case story.They aren't investigating or acting like cops. Just Starsky and Hutch looking at the stars, full of love.

Capella by Ellis Murdock

Who are your favorite E authors?
S&H Dalmation

Tuesday S&H recs: D is for Dana Austen Marsh

Proving that a good author can convince you to read anything--I would never have cracked open a zine about race car drivers but this story had my motor running.

Gentlemen, Start your Engines (m/m) by Dana Austen Marsh
While working a case, Detective Hutchinson has to accept the help of a race car driver named David Starsky.

Which D authors are your favorite?
Red shirt Starsky

Tuesday S&H recs: C is for Callisto

Callisto was one of my favorites when she was writing regularly (and we were in two fandoms together, so twice the stories!) but she hasn't been around in a long time. On the h/c panel the other day, someone brought up her short story Beer and Butterfly Bones which I read this morning. But my rec for today is much longer--Starsky and Hutch against Nick.

Circling the Wagons (gen) by Callisto
Should also warn that I have probably done abominable things to canon, as I barely remember 'Starsky's Brother.'

What other authors who begin with C do you enjoy?

Tuesday S&H recs: A is for April Valentine

so--having run out of episodes, I thought I'd exploit the alphabet. A is for our classic author, April Valentine and her story of Starsky and Hutch getting together during A Coffin for Starsky. I did always wonder what occurred after four pm and nine when Starsky gets his shot of morphine.

The Hours between Four and Nine (m/m) by April Valentine

Finally, Hutch asked a soft question. "What do you wish, Starsk? What can I do for you?"

Starsky did not answer right away, but his arms pulled tighter. At last, in a wistful voice, he murmured... "I just... wish I could feel something other than the pain for awhile."


this story reminds me of a song I was listening to on the radio just yesterday and thinking it should be a S&H vid--by the Googoo dolls: When Everything's meant to be Broken

When everything feels like the movies
Yeah you bleed just to know you're alive
And I don't want the world to see me
'Cause I don't think that they'd understand
When everything's made to be broken
I just want you to know who I am--

Go ahead and read anything by April--or any other author beginning with A.

Tuesday S&H recs: Sweet Revenge

The final episode--an amazing story of love, devotion, pain, and survival, for both Starsky and Hutch. How many series do you know where the two cops end up in bed together? This is the ep that launched a ship and a thousand stories. You all must have a favorite one. Put in a title and link!

Here are three--including my first ever SR story, one of many.

Analysis and Therapy (gen) by Britwizz
After dying, life is the next obstacle.

Dark Night of the Soul (m/m) by Elizabeth Lowry
The aftermath of Sweet Revenge.


Life is the Sweetest Revenge (gen) by Dawnwind
Post Sweet Revenge story (obvious from the title, huh?) Just a day out of Starsky's life while in hospital.