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Tuesday S&H recs: Gillian [Aug. 13th, 2019|06:35 am]
Starsky & Hutch Fans


Gillian--Season 2, episode 3. I will confess, not my favorite. Some lovely scenes, particularly the leather creaking desperate hug after Starsky and Hutch find Gillian dead. But how is it that Hutch is in love with Gillian, and they've been dating for a month? (not sure) when he was supposedly serious about Abby and goes back to her without a comment about G? There's a plot bunny for someone: Hutch discussing Gillian with Abby.

Gillian Missing Scene (gen) by Valerie Wells, Carol
This takes place immediately after they arrest Al Grossman.

A Friend in Need (gen) by K Hanna Korossy
Gillian tag: Hutch has only just begun to process

That Kind Of Girl (gen) by Hardboiled baby
I found out on our second date.

All gen this week, cause it's a girlfriend ep. Any other recs for this episode?
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Tuesday S&H recs: Murder at Sea [Aug. 6th, 2019|08:44 am]
Starsky & Hutch Fans


In theory, this seems like a great episode: a cruise, the guys locked on a ship with a murderer (why does that seem vaguely like an Agatha Christie novel?), beautiful women, exotic locals, and--oh, wait--Lynne Marta, too? Not to mention that Starsky and Hutch look like they are having lots of fun as Hack and Zack, driving crazy fast in a dune buggy, and getting all sweaty carrying a bomb. Well, maybe that part wasn't fun but it's exciting to watch.

There's the problem for me, at least--the sum of the parts don't add up to a cohesive whole. This may be a two parter but there's something lacking. And why doesn't anyone want to write about it? Maybe my search parameters were off but I couldn't find any stories set on the ship (and I know there is at least one cause I read it in a zine, but of course, cannot remember title or author.) So here's mine--set after the cruise!

Love is Like Oxygen (m/m) by Dawnwind
Set after Murder At Sea, Starsky and Hutch arrive back at the canal side cottage only hours before an arsonist lobs a molotov cocktail through the window of Hutch's home.


C'mon, work your magic. Find me more Murder at Sea stories!
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Tuesday S&H recs: Las Vegas Strangler [Jul. 30th, 2019|11:03 am]
Starsky & Hutch Fans


Wow, we've made it to season two! The beginning of S&H's bloackbuster two parters, which always featured big name stars and rambling, not always plausible, plots. Starsky and Hutch get to dress up like extras from Guys and Dolls--did they really think people wear those clothes in Nevada? Hutch's old friend turns out to be the suspect in some murders in Las Vegas, but honestly, I never thought the LV police had that much of a case against him. And he's dying. Sadness. Starsky is jealous and makes a friend of one of the Vegas dancers who has a daughter with--I assume--spina bifida. Plus, gambling, Vegas glitz, and showgirls. Joan Blondell, the woman who works at the convenience store, played Lottie in Here Come the Brides with David Soul.

A Long Way Down (gen) by CJ Lorane
In the aftermath of Jack Mitchell's death, the case may be closed but Starsky has a lot of unanswered questions. Tag to "Las Vegas Strangler."

Cash Down (gen) by Izzie
Later thoughts on "The Las Vegas Strangler."

Any other LV Strangler themed fic?
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Final Voting for the 2019 Paula Wilshe and Marian Kelly Awards [Jul. 28th, 2019|12:16 pm]
Starsky & Hutch Fans


CONGRATULATIONS to our finalists, and a huge THANK YOU to everyone who nominated their favorite creators and creations! Your active participation created some challenges for the award committee, but in a good way. Explanations and links are on the SHareCon website.

Read more about the voting process...Collapse )

The finalists and their links are on the SHareCon website below the instructions; just scroll down. At the bottom of the page, arrows link to additional pages for more finalists.
The awards committee can answer any questions. Voting is open until 9pm EDT August 25th.

Again, thank you for participating, and congratulations to the finalists.

The Awards Committee
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Tuesday S&H recs: Bounty Hunter [Jul. 23rd, 2019|11:27 am]
Starsky & Hutch Fans


The last episode of season one! Bounty Hunter. I will confess, not an episode that sticks in my brain, and I want to watch again. (Hey, Flamingo--maybe we should try rarely watched episodes at SHarecon?) Also didn't find many stories for BH. C'mon, aren't there any more?

Transference (gen) by Rebelcat
Missing scene for Bounty Hunter

If you don't have any BH stories, how about reccing anything that sparks your interest?
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Tuesday S&H recs: A Coffin for Starsky [Jul. 16th, 2019|03:10 pm]
Starsky & Hutch Fans


What can be said about A Coffin For Starsky? It ties for many with Shootout as one of the best h/c and slashier eps of all four seasons. Starsky's been poisoned and has only 24 hours to live. Even I toss any and all medical knowledge out the window and revel in the love, pain, and devotion Starsky and Hutch show to one another.

So many stories--I only chose three but you all have your favorites, I am sure.

It’s me again, God (gen) by Sue David
A missing scene for A Coffin For Starsky

Starsky's POV
12 Hours Gone (gen) by Kathy K

The Hours between Four and Nine (m/m) by April Valentine
Finally, Hutch asked a soft question. "What do you wish, Starsk? What can I do for you?"

Starsky did not answer right away, but his arms pulled tighter. At last, in a wistful voice, he murmured... "I just... wish I could feel something other than the pain for awhile."
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PMG art [Jul. 11th, 2019|08:33 am]
Starsky & Hutch Fans


If you are in the LA area this weekend catch his work at the Venice Art Crawl

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Tuesday S&H recs: Running [Jul. 9th, 2019|09:26 am]
Starsky & Hutch Fans


When I decided to rec stories linked to episodes, my goal was to find at least two stories per episode. Shouldn't be too difficult, right? Sweet Revenge must have several hundred stories--or more. Yet, I keep discovering the orphan episodes that few want to write missing scenes for. I was surprised that Running is one of those. There may be more that I could uncover, (and obviously I haven't found every story in the fandom, but I have been looking for every fic labeled episode related--) but finally, I had to write a drabble just to give Running a story.

There are such tantalizing clues about Starsky's childhood in New York. Great scenes in his eclectic house. Hutch being supportive. Anyone else want to write a fic for Sharman and Starsky? Did she later change her name and go work on WKRP in Cincinnati? (very in joke there since the actress was on both series.)

Don't Squeeze Sharman (gen) by Dawnwind

If you know of any Running fic, or any story you want to give a shout out for, post the title and the link. (and just in general, whenever posting a link to a story, put in the title, please!)
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Tuesday S&H recs: Jojo [Jul. 2nd, 2019|01:51 pm]
Starsky & Hutch Fans


The episode Jojo has such a powerful message I was surprised that there weren't more stories. Maybe the theme of resistance to rape and taking a stand is more (woke, as they say) now than it was in 1976?

Jojo is a nasty piece of work and no mistake. Starsky and Hutch are very sympathetic to the abused women but the whole culture then of having to prove why a woman provoked a rape rather than punishing the rapist for his violent acts was so pervasive.

One thing I always love about this ep: Starsky and Hutch sitting on the hillside in the long, dry grass. So evocative of California landscape and proof that it was a draught year since it was filmed in January when the hills would normally be green from winter rains. Brown grass is the color of summer around here.

No Man’s Land (gen) by Spencer 5460
Written in response to the Me and Thee 100 Drabble Challenge 302: Testify

Know any other Jojo themed stories? Or any focusing on Running? Cause next week, I got nuthin'
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2019 Paula Wilshe & Marian Kelly Awards - nomination period extended to July 10th [Jun. 30th, 2019|10:15 am]
Starsky & Hutch Fans


FYI, signal boosting on behalf of the SHareCon Awards Committee:

We had planned to shut down the nomination period for the Paula Wilshe and Marian Kelly awards [on June 30th], but after reviewing the nominations, we decided to extend the nom period until July 10. We especially need fans to go through the existing nominations and renominate current applicants to help us determine finalists. We especially need you to look over categories with a long list of nominees. We're trying to avoid having to have a run off voting to determine finalists. Look over the lists and click on the nomination link here.

We'd like to thank everyone who's participated in the process so far. We know everyone's busy, and appreciate you taking the time to think about your favorite creators and their creations. The lists are already awesome. Now you've got a few more days to review them and help us determine who deserves to be in the finals category.
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