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Tuesday S&H recs: Deadly Imposter [May. 21st, 2019|03:18 pm]
Starsky & Hutch Fans


In the academy, Starsky and Hutch thought John Colby was their friend--but he left before graduation and was never heard from again. So exactly why do they not only completely trust him and help him on their weekend off, but barely investigate why he needs to find this wife they've never heard of? Seems to me that S&H should have taken a step back from this one and gone back to their party. What do you think of their treatment of Fifi, as well as the girls they are necking with?

In League with Angels (gen) by Dawnwind
When Colby hit Hutch on the head, the injury was far more severe than Hutch realized. He's hearing a young girl's voice just as he and Starsky are assigned to investigate a child's abduction.

Thirty Minutes (gen) K Hanna Korossy
"Deadly Imposter" tag story: The first thirty minutes after a gunshot matter most for survival.

Are there any m/m fic for this episode?
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Tuesday S&H recs: Terror on the Docks [May. 14th, 2019|09:41 am]
Starsky & Hutch Fans


This week is Terror on the Docks which gives us Starsky and Hutch together in many scenes, lots of backstory on Hutch and a declaration that Starsky is definitely not Catholic. But what about Hutch's history? If he came from a wealthy family, how did this seemingly lower middle class family live next door in Duluth? Was Nancy's mother a housekeeper? Inquiring minds want to know.
Another drinking game for the future--how many Nancys show up in S&H?

Enshroud (m/m) by Charlotte Frost
Starsky is recovering from yet another loss, and Hutch suffers unexpected consequences when meeting up with a very changed Nancy Blake from "Terror on the Docks".

Got any other stories from this episode? Post them!
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Tuesday S&H recs: Captain Dobey, You're Dead [May. 7th, 2019|03:29 pm]
Starsky & Hutch Fans


Ever notice how many S&H episode titles involve death? In the first season alone there is Death Ride, Death Notice, Deadly Imposter, and Capt Dobey, You're Dead, just to name a few!

We get to meet Harold Dobey's lovely family--which is the only time in the entire four seasons, so give them all a hug! Tough Edith, brave Cal, and sweet Rosie (not to be confused with Rosey Malone or Starsky's Aunt Rose). They have a nice home, go to church regularly, and have a nasty killer after them. Do not despair--spoilers!--Starsky and Hutch are on the case and help the Dobeys survive to the end credits.

A right and Left hand Thing (m/m) by Sam KW
Anyone ever wonder why Hutch was so pissed-off with Starsky that morning in the episode 'Captain Dobey you are dead'? Well… This is my version of what may have transpired!
What did Starsky do the previous night to make Hutch so angry that morning?
Missing scenes from 'Captain Dobey You are Dead'

About Last Night (m/m) by Evening Blue
What really happened just before that strange scene in "Captain Dobey, You're Dead!"

Have you got a favorite fic to rec? Bring it on!
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I'm looking for a story [May. 7th, 2019|02:58 pm]
Starsky & Hutch Fans
[Tags|, , ]

Hi, I'm new here, my name is Patricia, 50 years old, I french (sorry for my bad English), I'm a fan of starsky and hutch since my childhood.I'm looking for a story I read a while ago where Starsky and Hutch are undercover as a gay couple to stop a killer in San Francisco and Hutch confesses his homosexual past. They discover that the killer is a policeman, and during the trial the liaison between starsky and hutch is revealed. It s a long slash story. Can you help me? Thank you
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Tuesday S&H recs: Lady Blue [Apr. 30th, 2019|03:32 pm]
Starsky & Hutch Fans


Lady Blue is up next--oh, sadness and nostalgia for a girlfriend we never even actually meet. Starsky finds out his last GF is dead after an undercover. But what was she doing? And why didn't he marry her? So many questions, but Hutch is right there at his side to lend support.

Falling (gen) by Nash Carter
After James Wrightwood's fall, Starsky has nightmares.
http://starskyhutcharchive.net/viewstory.php?sid=1607Episode related: Lady Blue

90-10 (gen) by H Hanna Korossy
Lady Blue tag: It's not always 50-50; sometimes you've only got 10% to give.

Do you have a favorite Lady Blue related fic? Or any story that springs to mind.
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zines for sale [Apr. 24th, 2019|09:36 pm]
Starsky & Hutch Fans

[Tags|, ]

I have the following zines for sale:

sharecon 2014 $15

sharecon 2016 $15

Hopscotch $10


Torn (novelette) $15

Jerico (Novelette) $15

Pay with paypal. Pm for details including S/H.

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Tuesday S&H recs: Kill Huggy Bear [Apr. 23rd, 2019|10:22 am]
Starsky & Hutch Fans


Oops! Just realized that I should have done Kill Huggy Bear last week. Blame the addled Disneyland brain. What can I say about this episode--honestly not one that really sticks in my memory. from a summary from an old S&H page: Starsky and Hutch must straighten out the misunderstanding before their buddy sleeps with the fishes. What I mostly remember is dim Dewey not figuring out what his girlfriend is doing--and that she must donate her peach negligee to the Goodwill because Starsky's sorta girlfriend played by Linda Carter in Las Vegas Strangler wears it less than a year later.

Downhill Slide (gen) by Spencer
Someone's cut the Torino's brake lines and Starsky and Hutch go for a wild ride.

Any stories you know of featuring Huggy? Or Dewey?
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April 12th The Sunday Times (UK) Interview with David [Apr. 18th, 2019|11:23 am]
Starsky & Hutch Fans

[Tags|, , ]
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I recently found this by following David on Twitter (he & PMG are both there—@DavidRSoul & @MrPMGlaser). David Tweeted about it earlier this week. Among the news in it I don’t think the fans know/knew is he has a grandson (through 1 of his sons—China is still living in the U.K.; the grandson lives in the US).

Starsky and Hutch Actor David Soul on His Final Assignment

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So, who is YOUR favorite writer, artist, or vidder? [Apr. 17th, 2019|09:14 am]
Starsky & Hutch Fans


It is time to start thinking about your nominations for your favorite new and established writers, artists, vidder, stories or other writings, art, and vids. Yes, it is time to nominate for both the Paula Wilshe Award for New Writers in Starsky and Hutch, and for the Marian Kelly Hall of Fame Awards in SH.
We've set up a new post that explains who these wonderful fans were and why these awards were named for them. The post also has all the details you need to be able to nominate any person or work you'd like to recognize for all the pleasure these creators give us all year.
Our creative folk spend countless hours crafting stories and poem, art, and vids for very little recognition. This is our chance to let them know we fans really appreciate their efforts in keeping our fandom alive and vibrant. We need your nominations and participation to make these awards work!
You can find all the relevant links and information here:
Remember, these awards are open to all genres.
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Slightly early Tuesday S&H recs: Pariah [Apr. 15th, 2019|09:25 pm]
Starsky & Hutch Fans


This is the end of our first day of two in Disneyland, so I am posting this a wee bit early. Pariah is our episode of the week--and what a great episode it is. Drama, angst, Starsky and Hutch so together against the world. Plus, a bad guy we really love to hate, because he likes to emotionally torture our guys.

Two stories by excellent writers:

Goat Milk Delux (m/m) by Flamingo
This story takes place immediately after the episode Pariah. That's the episode with Hutch tricking Starsky into drinking one of his morning health drinks, made with goat's milk, dessicated liver, blackstrap molasses, trace minerals, and other treats.

What you Want, What I Need by (m/m) jat Sapphire
A missing scene between the zoo scene and the tag in "Pariah".

Do you have any recs? Or suggestions of stories for later episodes?
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