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Tuesday S&H recs: Hutchinson for Murder One

When I had VCR tapes recorded in the early 90s from the local station that played Starsky and Hutch at 3 am, I kept about ten or twenty eps, mostly hurt comfort in some way. This was one of them, so I used to watch it a lot--particularly for the scene when Starsky bolts into Venice Place, sees Vanessa covered up and then gently goes to Hutch. Sigh...Lots of Hutchinson backstory angst.

Ding-Dong, The Bitch is Dead (gen) by Dawnwind
A what-if Starsky and Hutch didn't meet at the Academy. Hutch is a songwriter with a famous wife and Starsky is a Homicide detective mourning his former partner. Alternate version of Hutchinson for Murder One.

On Dying (gen) by Bdonna
I always knew it would end like this...Vanessa POV, missing scene for "Hutchinson for Murder One"

What are your favorite Hutchinson for Murder One stories?
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Tuesday S&H recs: Class in Crime

Hutch goes in for some higher learning and Starsky parades his wares--yes, in the midst of social isolation, we have Class in Crime! Since I am from the San Francisco bay area, I grin at the opening shots of Shields and Yarnell, a married mime couple who started their meteoric rise to fame in SF.

Work/Life Balance (gen) by Jojo
Hutch turns life coach, but does he know what he's talking about?

there must be more stories out there...and I know there is a fine vid called Blue Eyes and Blue Jeans. It is one of the earliest vids made, simply several minutes of the porch walk set to the song--which is so accurate, the song could have been written for our blue eyed Starsky.

Stay safe and sane!
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Tuesday S&H recs: Satan's Witches

It's shelter in place day--week, month... We are hanging out at my mother's house, as I do every Tuesday (my always day off) and about 3-4 days a week, since I am one of her main caregivers. Let's read some fic! This is Satan's Witches day but...I have fallen down on the job, unable to find any stories. I blame this on inadequate search engines, mostly. ha ha. Beyond Starsky's red long johns and the slashy bent of Starsky and Hutch hanging out at Dobey's cabin together, what are your favorite scenes in this ep? Or stories?

I love the cooking scene, Hutch teasing Starsky about bear meat, but the whole Satan worshiper plot has me rolling my eyes. And man, Pine Lake is nasty--polluted much?

This isn't specifically a SW story but I do like it and wish I had time to reread:

Remnants (m/m) by Rosemary
Starsky goes undercover in a dangerous Satanic cult. When Hutch, who is monitoring Starsky as his backup, disappears from the surveillance van, Starsky has to find Hutch without blowing his cover and get them both out alive. How will the ugliness of Starsky's undercover assignment and Hutch's experience affect their partnership and friendship?

Send me more stories! Or St Patrick's day stories, if there are some.

Tuesday S&H recs: The Trap

While I have always liked The Trap, it requires a huge suspension of belief. Why don't Starsky and Hutch notice that they have driven so far out of town without calling any backup? Or that the radio dispatcher has changed? Or...or... Oh, well. Lots of them together, in peril, and Starsky gets shot. All my kinda thing.

Our friend KH Korossy wrote both stories today! There must be more on this ep, but I had no time to search, so do me a solid and find others.

He Said, He Said (Gen) by K Hanna Korossy
The Trap tag (sort of): Starsky and Hutch have very different takes on what happened.

The Rest of the Iceberg (gen) by K Hanna Korossy
The Trap tag: While Starsky is laid up, Hutch finds some familiar-looking letters...
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Tuesday S&H recs: The Heavyweight and A Body Worth Guarding

No love for the Heavyweight. I didn't stumble across a single fic directly related--help me up off the mat! As for Ballerina Anna and smitten Hutch, now there's a popular story with lots to chew on. Starsky debating with the Jewish protest leader. Starsky flirting with Huggy...and Hutch. Hutch does handstands!

Time to Start Over (m/m) by Sam KW (Samudee)
Episode related: A body worth guarding.
Our guys and their thoughts right after Anna left.

A Dance for Hutch (gen) by acmabry
Hutch has a special gift from Anna. Post "A Body Worth Guarding", written in response to a story prompt from the Starsky & Hutch Fans & Fan Fiction Facebook page. Please note that I attempted to find the correct spelling for Tashika, the name that Anna asks Hutch to call her in the episode, but to no avail. The spelling is my interpretation.

Viewing Life Upside Down (m/m) by Dawnwind
Starsky and Hutch talk after Hutch's night with Anna the ballerina.

C'mon, anyone have a rec?
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Tuesday S&H recs: The Action

Hutch has a lammy wool vest and Starsky has the cash, what's not to love about The Action? Very few fics! I would have thought the dig your own grave scene would have prompted a few stories--the aftermath when they contemplated being buried--possibly alive--but together would have sparked a few plot bunnies.

No Words Needed by Rebelcat
Double drabble

Know of any other stories?
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Tuesday S&H recs: Manchild in the Streets

An episode I like a great deal despite some inaccuracies around the hospital scenes--but, Starsky backstory for the win! I do have a hard time understanding how the Walters lived near Starsky's relatives and that John Blaine lived next door despite very different looking neighborhoods. shrug.

I suspect strongly that there are more related fic than the one I found, but also that this backstory gets filtered into other stories without standing out as a main theme in one fic.

Missing scene From Manchild in the Streets (gen) by Cindy
While dealing with the death of a close friend, Starsky is reminded of a shooting incident involving a young black teenage boy.

I did find a title for a gen fic by MHE Priest but no link--
Respect to Love

Anyone have a favorite?

Tuesday S&H recs: The Collector

The Collector has some good moments but it's not the most popular ep. Weirdly, I kind of like both the neurotic Annie and her sinister, psycho boyfriend. Not to mention Dubchik the dog! Hutch seems way, way too old for his latest girlfriend. What are your thoughts?

The Collector
Wide Open Spaces (gen) by PatL
Isabelle Catherine Oates has acrophobia. Or, she used to.

Got any The Collector stories to impart?
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Tuesday S&H recs: The Plague

A perennial fan favorite--two parts, with lots of hospital time as Hutch succumbs to the local version of the pneumonic plague. With this ep starting in an airport, Starsky and Hutch's doomed friend arriving from another country already infected, it can be viewed as startling contemporary to our current circumstances. However, despite the fact that the other cop could have infected many on the plane or in the country he was visiting (my bad, can't remember) there is no mention that this plague could be causing deaths in anywhere else but little Ol' Bay City. And Judith and the fictional version of the CDC arrive in LA county.

So many fic to chose from as Hutch coughs up a lung and nearly dies. I love brave Starsky rallying the troops to find their plague carrier before it is too late. I will NOT mention that it is NOT possible to have concocted an antidote from his blood to cure everyone in so short a time. I will

A Hundred and Forty-eight (gen) By Moondroplette
Missing scene for the Plague

Unmasked (gen) by stillwaters01
Starsky visits Hutch in the hospital in the aftermath of “The Plague” and discovers a unique way to deal with the confines of the required surgical mask. Gen/friendship fic.

There are literally dozens of other stories relating to this episode. Which do you recommend?