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Tuesday S&H recs: Kiko and Molly

Kiko and Molly are Starsky and Hutch's defacto children, even if you are not a fan of kid fic. They show up in a fair amount of stories for the fact that Kiko is only in 2 episodes and Molly in one.

Right and Proper Season (m/m) by Silver Chipmunk
As Starsky recovers from Gunther's hit, he feels it's time for things to move on. A first time story.

Everyday Miracles (m/m) by Dawnwind
A rainstorm makes getting to the courthouse for a special ceremony even more difficult than it should be.

Shooter (gen) by DP Patricks
Molly and Kiko find a dead body resulting in tension between Starsky and Hutch. Thankfully, it’s not damaging to their partnership.

Do you have a favorite story featuring Kiko and Molly?
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Tuesday S&H Recs: Crossovers

Crossovers. Some people love them, some people run away because they only want to read Starsky and Hutch in Bay City exactly like the episodes. Which are you? I kinda like seeing how our guys fit in with other TV characters and locations. I'd never actually watched Boston Legal, but I really liked this story.

Zebras and Flamingos-Judge and Jury (m/m) by Astrid B Caine
Starsky and Hutch/Boston Legal crossover. It's 2014 and Starsky and Hutch are enjoying their well deserved retirement, when they get a letter from Alan Shore asking them to come to Boston, to meet an associate of Hutch's post-retirement legal-aid activities. They have no idea what they will be asked to do when they get there, but they wouldn't be true to themselves if they didn't find out beforehand all they could about this mysterious, legally unbeatable and possibly criminal Alan Shore.

Love in a Different Place (m/m) by Laura McEwan
Qui-Gon and Obi-Wan intercept a transmission from another galaxy and watch two men named Starsky and Hutch.

Once Upon a Time in the Old West (m/m) by Dawnwind
Crossover with Alias Smith and Jones--an earthquake hurls Starsky back in time to old Bay City--or is it all just a dream due to a head injury?

There were several others I could think of, but as when I am shopping, when I go looking for a specific title, I cannot find it. I know there is more than one crossover with The Sentinal, The Professionals, as well as Quantum Leap, House, The Monkees, and Here come the Brides. Can you think of others?
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Tuesday S&H Recs: Post Sweet Revenge

This is a vast category including everything from minutes past the shooting until a year later, all the angst, h/c, recovery, slash, joy, sorrow, and everything else you can cram into a story. Who hasn't either written or read a Post SR? Here are just two:

Diet and Exercise (m/m) by Nik Britwizz
After "Sweet Revenge," things will never be the same again; nobody seems to mind too much.

Listen to the Silence (m/m) by Cyanne
Post Sweet Revenge and Hutch's nightmares still haven't stopped.

Which are your favorites?
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Tuesday S&H recs: Podfic!

Last week, the theme was watching, this week it is listening--to podfic. There are a handful of awesome people who record our fic for our listening pleasure, and I salute them--here are a couple.

The Truth comes Out (m/m) by KAM (read by Hardboiledbaby)
Starsky might not know everything about his partner.

Starsky's Girl (m/m) by KAM (read by Laura McEwan)
Starsky and Hutch have a fateful first meeting only one day before Starsky joins the Army.

What are your favorite podfics?
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Tuesday S&H recs: Watching TV and Movies

We've done all the episodes and the alphabet so you can imagine, I was desperate to find a theme for this week--and then inspiration struck. What we all do, what got us to this group--watching TV or movies. Although Starsky talks about watching Bela Lagosi movies, and there is mention of Star Wars and Dirty Harry, the only movies we ever see them go to are porn--and that is clearly not for the content or the actors. What do our guys like to watch?

The Timelords of Bay City (m/m) by Rae
Starsky and Hutch watch the first episode of Season 2 of Torchwood.

Just like in the Movies (m/m) Hardboiledbaby
In which Hutch figures out a few things, with a little help from the Channel 7 afternoon double feature.

Alternate Universes (m/m) by Dawnwind
Starsky's watching Fringe and trying to describe it to Hutch--which leads to discussions on many things, not limited to Quantum Physics, string theory as well as X-Files. Oh, and there's sex.

Sometimes you Hear the Bullet (gen) by Hardboiledbaby
Starsky watches M*A*S*H.

I do believe there is a fic where they go to see Rocky Horror Picture Show--what are your favorite watching media inspired stories?
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Tuesday S&H recs: Y is for Youtooblondie

Oops, a little late today, but it's only ten thirty in California and therefore, still Tuesday. Not many choices for authors who begin with Y on Starskyhutcharchive--but this looks good!

Survival (m/m) by youtooblondie
a 6-part series of poem and prose about the episode, survival.

Any other favorites by authors whose name begins with Y?