Tuesday S&H recs: Halloween!

From Ghoulies and Ghosties and long legged beasties and things that go bump in the night, may the good Lord deliver us goes the old saying. Starsky and Hutch had Satan worshippers in more than one episode, a real vampire and other creepy villains. Halloween is a walk in the park for them.

Starsky and Hutch presents: Starsky's Treehouse of Horror by Daisy_Morgan

Corny Enough to be the Truth (m/m) by Dawnwind
Starsky and Hutch are called out on a robbery that could be from another century.

Just One Bite (gen) by Wightfaerie
Starsky & Hutch go on vacation, to avoid Halloween
This was a fun story for Halloween, inspired by The Vampire episode. Mild language, vampires.

Do You Want Candy corn with that Broccoli? (m/m) by LikyK
Hutch and Starsky and broccoli and candy corn and a curse.

Which are your favorite Halloween themed stories?
Hutch hurt

Tuesday S&H recs: 2021 Paula Wilshe award winner: babsawriter

Big congratulations to the winner of this year's Paula Wilshe award for best writer in the last 5 years, our friend Babs! She's a fun, smiley person, and I enjoy chatting online with her. She has a deft hand with our favorite detective duo.

Just Drive (m/m) by babsawriter
Answer to a 20 minute fic challenge using the words: lemon, cotton

G-Sharp in Blue (m/m) by babsawriter
Hutch sees music in colors. Doesn't everyone?

Which are your favorites of her stories?
Blue starsky

Tuesday S&H recs: SHarecon (slightly early)

SHarecon is the premier Starsky and Hutch con, held (mostly) every other year in Maryland. If you’ve been to a big, multi fandom con, or one of the mega cons like Comicon, those are fun, to be sure, but there is a special kind of awesomeness knowing that every person at SHarecon comes because of Starsky and Hutch. There is nothing else for three days. No need to explain the word slash or zine. There are panels, zines, art, t-shirts and, best of all, fans. New friends. Doesn’t matter what your politics are. Where you live. What your job is. We all live in Bay City and know two cops.

SHarecon 2000 Zine by Kath Moonshine
Multiple stories, both slash and gen.

SHarecon 2000 Zine Art Plate 1 by Suzan Lovett
Look at that centaur!

SHarecon 2004 Zine by Flamingo
Lots of stories, both slash and gen

Got any favorite SHarecon zines? Or just memories of SHarecon?
S&H just friends

Tuesday S&H recs: collaborations

Meeting other fans, either in person or online, is the highlight of being in a fandom. Finding someone who wants to collaborate--either writing together or just helping each other with editing and encouragement, is a boon! There are numerous examples of helping each other out in Starsky and Hutch fandom, just as S&H help each other out.

The Night of the Fifty Year Day (m/m) by Mvernet and Spencer5460
A late night breakdown leads to an unexpected meeting and a timeless adventure.

In the Shade of the Linden Tree (m/m) by Hutchlover and Mystic Whim
Huggy asks Starsky and Hutch for help when he inherits a house that he believes to be haunted.

Ch-ch-ch-changes (m/m) by Flamingo and Rosemary
It's 2014 and Hutch is trying to figure out what's fueling Starsky's latest funk. Starsky is spending too much time on social media and is confused by modern terminology regarding sexual identity and sexual relationships. He grows despondent, fearing he's finally become too old to adjust to this brave new sexual revolution. Determined to get to the bottom of his partner's distress, Hutch is forced to consult with the SHareCon con committee to get answers.

Have you written something in collaboration? Or know of a story with two authors you just love?

Deadline to register for virtual SHareCon 2021

Registration for Virtual SHareCon 2021 will close on midnight (EDT) October 1st. You can register for the con here:

Read about the con here: We'll be having online panels, vids, games, and other events.

Deadline for submitting premiering vids is October 3rd. Write to

Have a vid you'd like to see shown? Send your suggestion to the same address.


S&H kiss

Tuesday S&H Recs: Got to be cruel to be kind--

Like the song says, "Cruel to be kind, in the right measure..." Sometimes our guys like it sweet and gentle, and sometimes rough is the way to smooth out the adrenaline after a fire fight. Which are your favorite stories of Starsky and Hutch acting out their fantasies? A little bondage or a bouquet of roses--with the thorns still on?

Stormy and Dark (m/m, mild BDSM) by MHE Priest
Babcock witnesses the unexpected during and after a major drug bust.

Sweet Submission (m/m, Romance,BDSM) by CC
When the guys' sex life hits a bump in the road, Starsky decides a trip to a toy store of a different sort is in order.

Are there stories that get your pulses racing?
S&H kiss

Tuesday S&H recs: A Coffin for Starsky

Yes, I've done this theme before but I worked three days in a row and I'm tired, and it's my favorite. Starsky wakes up in the middle of the night, terrified, as a masked man injects him with an unknown substance. No, it's not a crazy vaccination story! Of course he calls Hutch instead of an ambulance, because Hutch will make it all better. And Hutch does. This is the most romantic ep in the series, in my book.

Implications (m/m) by Lucy410
'He had taken Starsky's hand because when your friend is dying that's what you do'.

A Little Soap (gen) by Callisto

A Coffin for Starsky: The Bottle's Half Empty (gen, m/m) by Onnakarot

Which are your favorite ACFS stories? Or art or vids?
Hutch's gun

Tuesday S&H recs: All hail Diversity

Starsky and Hutch had a fairly diverse cast for the mid seventies, with literally half the main cast non-white. (true story--my friend used to get Jet magazine which featured a small TV Guide type section on last page listing only Black characters in series. So Starsky and Hutch starred Bernie Hamilton and Antonio Fargus.) There were also a smattering of other ethnicities--including Dr.Quo in Starsky's Lady and Paco Ortega in Velvet Jungle. What about Kiko and his mom? Or Minnie and Dryden on the police force?

Two Objectively Successful Dates (multi) by Garrideb
Set immediately before and after the tag to The Velvet Jungle. Starsky and Laura have their fancy dinner date and then drop in on Hutch and Paco. But Hutch seems angry at the interruption; is it possible that he and Paco are on a date, too? Laura thinks so, and shares her theory with Starsky. But it'll take more than just a theory to convince Starsky that Hutch dates men, so he heads back to Hutch's later that night.

A Woman's Work is Never Done (f/f) by Dawnwind
Linda Baylor's been working vice for a while now, but this is the first day she's worked with Minnie Kaplan.

Kinda Grows on you (gen) by Bdonna
challenge response for me_and_thee_100 #28 'Simonetti'

Are there stories featuring Dr.Quo some of the other lessor seen characters?
Red shirt Starsky

Tuesday S&H recs: Board Games and other sorts

We see Starsky and Hutch play Monopoly and chess. They love pool, darts, and breaking up illegal poker games. What about a little strip poker or some Parcheesi?

Boardwalk (m/m) by Callisto
Older guys playing Monopoly...

Use me (m/m) by Congomen and MayGlenn

Candyland Can (gen) by Dawnwind
A 20 minute fic written for Writing challenge 1. Starsky and Hutch play a board game in Starsky's hospital room.

There must be more stories with game playing (and not The Game) but the search engine was notoriously unhelpful there.