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Starsky & Hutch Advent Calendar Needs YOU! [Nov. 13th, 2019|01:07 pm]
Starsky & Hutch Fans


Well, it's almost mid-November, and we're (I'm) running late on the SH Advent Calendar. (Have you met me?) I'm late on requesting—begging--for gifts for the 2019 SH Advent Calendar. We've gotten some lovely gifts but we need a lot more.

If you're not sure what an Advent Calendar is, think of those Christmassy calendars with angels, trees, or the Peanuts gang and numbered flaps like this. Those "doors" represent the 24 days before Christmas. You open one door a day to find a surprise gift like chocolates or a toy.

So, we make a virtual calendar of SH gifts! But first, we have to fill it with euphoric sentimentalism and flat-out fun focused on our boys! Check out the 2018 calendar. Past Calendars are available through links on the right side of this page

We need lots of presents to make the 2019 calendar the most fun you can have online with your clothes on. Or with Starsky & Hutch's clothes on. Or off. You know what I mean. 

But gift giving is stressful! Will it fit, do they already have it, do handcuffs come in sizes? So here's some suggestions: drabbles, puzzles, fic of any type, poems, art, gifs, manips, vids, podcasts, playlists, icons, wallpapers, jokes, word games, Christmas cards. We'll take any creative fannish things you'd like to submit during the 24 days of Christmas (including Hanukkah, which this year starts on December 22 and ends December 30). 

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Tuesday S&H recs: Starsky's Lady [Nov. 12th, 2019|08:33 am]
Starsky & Hutch Fans


The ultimate weeper of an episode. When I was twenty, this was romantic and so sad. Now, to me, it's truly sad, but I find Terry a bit of a saint. In the long run, would she and Starsky have lasted: his mischievous edge and her sweet, long suffering forebearance? There are dozens of SL stories, here are but two.

Magic Man (gen) by Dawnwind
Terry Roberts musing on her life.

Winner Takes it all by Spencer 5460
Starsky considered the offer. He thought of the look he’d seen on Hutch’s face when they’d been together with Terry. A beautiful kind of aching he hadn’t been able to define. Now that it no longer mattered, and alcohol had lowered the few natural inhibitions he possessed, he felt driven to know.
“Were you jealous of me ‘n Terry?”

I know of many more, which are your favorites? And in anticipation of next week--who knows a Huggy Bear and Turkey story? Cause I got nuthin'.
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Tuesday S&H recs: Survival [Nov. 5th, 2019|11:57 am]
Starsky & Hutch Fans


A definite favorite in the fandom: Survival. Hutch trapped a car, barely able to communicate, will he live until Starsky finds him? Of course! What did you worry about? Wallow in the angst and trauma of it all.

Hutch meets Bobby (gen) by Kathy Windrain
After the events of Survival, Bobby, the young ham radio operator, has an opportunity to finally meet Hutch.

Of the Fittest (gen) by Rosa Himmelblau
Hutch survives.

I'm sure you know of other Survival stories. Bring 'em on!
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Tuesday S&H recs: The Set-up [Oct. 29th, 2019|12:30 am]
Starsky & Hutch Fans


We had no power for nearly 48 hours (Saturday to Monday) due to winds and fires in No. California and may lose power again tomorrow, so posting this as early as possible while I have wifi.

The Set-up. What can you say about it? Starts with such potential for angsty Starsky backstory and then takes a screeching left turn (complete with a Torino explosion!) into the Manchurian Candidate and some weird pseudo science. Who's Terry and why is he in an episode of Starsky and Hutch?

Durniak’s Ride (gen) by CJ Lorane
Loose ends remained after the Terry Nash case, but there were successes too. Tag for "The Set-Up."

Morning Glow by Dawnwind
Alternate ending to The Set-up, tying up a few loose ends. Originally published in the SHarecon '10 zine.

Got any other favorite The Set-up stories? Do any of them make more sense than the episode does?
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Tuesday S&H recs: The Psychic [Oct. 22nd, 2019|11:25 am]
Starsky & Hutch Fans


A fan favorite with lots of lovin' between our boys, and an exciting race through downtown Bay City. One of the 'is he or isn't he?' (Callandra) really supernatural or just talented?

The Psychic
After The Race (gen) by K Hanna Korossy
Psychic tag: Starsky takes an exhausted Hutch to the hospital.

Basic Life Support by Dawnwind
After Hutch is hurt and the girl is found, what happened before the tag? Written for Flamingo's Cheep sunglasses karaoke challenge.

which are your go-to Psychic themed stories?
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Tuesday (belated) S&H recs: Bloodbath [Oct. 18th, 2019|02:25 pm]
Starsky & Hutch Fans


Not sure why I totally spaced on not only my usual Tuesday posts but also a weekly post I do for my church, but...whatever. I remembered to do them today! Bloodbath---oooo, one of my favorite episodes. Full of angst, suspense, and creepy detail. Based, quite obviously, on the Manson family, luckily Simon Marcos' gang are not quite so bloodthirsty. They do kidnap our hero Starsky, leaving a gruesome clue for Hutch. This is my favorite kind of Hutch, pursuing evil doers and getting the job down, despite many setbacks.

A Heavy Fall by Callisto
It's always toughest on the ones left behind.

Two Drabbles on Bloodbath (gen) by Dawnwind
Hutch rescues Starsky and then has to deal with his fears that it could happen again.

Bring him Home (m/m) by Susan
Hutch takes Starsky home after his ordeal with Simon Marcus's followers. Double drabble

Got any favorite Bloodbath tales?
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Tuesday S&H recs: Little Girl Lost [Oct. 8th, 2019|01:11 pm]
Starsky & Hutch Fans


It's Christmas in October! Little Girl Lost, a weeper of a holiday episode if there ever was one. Hutch steps up after a young girl's dad is killed and takes her into his home (I always wonder how legal that was--yeah, he's a big brother but that's not the same as being a licensed foster care parent.) Starsky provides a Christmas tree--and Kiko's mom the holiday dinner, as long as the bad guys are arrested before Dec. 25th.

Little Girl Lost

The Real Meaning (gen) by Rebelcat


Merry Christmas, Perkowitz (multi) by jat sapphire
Starsky, Hutch and Perkowitz.

Got any favorite Molly/Pete or Kiko stories?
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List of award winners for 2019 [Oct. 2nd, 2019|12:17 am]
Starsky & Hutch Fans


Still recovering ng from SHareCon 2019! And still hosting some wonderful houseguests, so I'm late in posting this year's award winners. Here is the complete list. We will be posting it to the SHareCon website as soon as we can build the awards page. In the meantime, here is the list:
Paula Wilshe Award for New Writers in Starsky and Hutch (tie): Spencer5460, DPPatricks
Marian Kelly Hall of Fame Award for Best Writer: Charlotte Frost/charlotte_frost
Marian Kelly Hall of Fame Award for Best Writing under 7,500 wds (tie): Like Indiana Jones by Morgan Logan/Molo, I'm Telling You by Jat Sapphire
Marian Kelly Hall of Fame Award for Best Writing between 7,501 to 15,000 words: Black and Bruised by Rosemary
Marian Kelly Hall of Fame Award for Best Writing between 15,001 to 40,000 words: A Fine Storm by Suzan Lovett
Marian Kelly Hall of Fame Award for Best Writing between 40,001 to 80,000 words: Gentlemen, Start Your Engines by Dana Austin Marsh
Marian Kelly Hall of Fame Award for Best Writing, over 80,000 words(tie): Chaos Universe by Keri Mera, Distant Shores by April Valentine
Marian Kelly Hall of Fame Award for Best Artist: Mortmere
Marian Kelly Hall of Fame Award for Best Art: Crystal Blue Persuasion by Suzan Lovett
Marian Kelly Hall of Fame Award for Best Vidder: Amber Raine/Starsky Loves Hutch
Marian Kelly Hall of Fame Award for Best Vid (tie): The Journey by TM Productions, If I Had a Million Dollars by Moondroplette
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Tuesday S&H recs: Iron Mike [Oct. 1st, 2019|09:11 am]
Starsky & Hutch Fans


Iron Mike--a character I kind of wish we'd seen more of. I really like the more Hill Street Blues/CSI type ensemble where we at least have the same cast of background characters each week. He comes off as mostly gruff but loveable, and Dobey likes him, but Mike has secrets and a dark side. Then there's the cute with Starsky and Hutch undercover in the clothes store...

555-7263 (gen) by Spencer
It all comes down to a matter of trust: When shots rang out, rattling the racks of pantyhose and causing me to dive for cover in sporting goods, I got the strangest feeling. We were unexpectedly outnumbered, but I knew those two had one up on all of us.

The Cabin by the Lake by Verlaine (f/m, m/m)
A lot of Captain Dobey's friends seem to have really bad luck. Maybe there's a reason for that?

Got any more favorite Iron Mike stories?
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Tuesday S&H recs: Nightmare [Sep. 24th, 2019|11:25 am]
Starsky & Hutch Fans


This week is Nightmare--an episode that is at times disturbing and very cute. Starsky and Hutch are support dads for a developmentally delayed young lady named Lisa. Her rape is luckily not shown on camera, but still awful for her--and her single mom. Starsky and Hutch go to bat for her and bring in the perp, Yay! As a mother of a developmentally delayed daughter who is quite similar in a number of ways to Lisa, I find not just her attack disturbing. Her mother's attitudes--while mostly loving--are really puzzling to moi, and I can only assume it is a sign of the times. My daughter is allowed to go walking on her own, but I would never have left her in the house alone the next day!

Doodletown (m/m) by Dararose
Hutch has some questions for Starsky about the story of Doodletown he'd told Lisa about.

Control (gen) by Jojo
Hutch dares to challenge Starsky on the little matter of losing control...

What are you thoughts? Favorite stories?
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