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Pro-Podfic Authors, Sign Up Here!

Are you a writer who is cool with having people podfic your stories? Would you like to hear your stories read aloud? Are you ready to go multi-media?

If your answer is YES to any of these questions, please comment here! :)

With our mod's kind permission, I am trying to put together a list of podfic-friendly S&H authors. Your comment should include the following: [1] a link to your stories, [2] an indication whether you are giving blanket permission or if certain stories are unavailable (multi-fandom writers may also wish to mention if their other fandom stories are included or not), and [3] contact info if you wish to be notified. Feel free to add any other info helpful to the reader (bribes? puppy eyes? *g*)

Please do not be upset or disappointed if no one takes you up on your offer right away. Just standing up to be counted is really useful, and will hopefully encourage readers (and would-be readers) to consider recording more S&H fic. We have a wealth of wonderful stories in our fandom, and sharing them in another medium helps to reach a wider audience.

kimberlyfdr has put up a link to this post on the comm's header for easy reference. I've also added it to the list of pro-podfic authors at amplificathon here. Hope to see your name here! Thanks.

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