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V-con 2014: Saturday panel - Comfort Zones

Nancy asked me to do a panel about writing stories that are out of some people's comfort zone, meaning they may have a low readership. Also, how I got into writing BDSM stories in the first place.

There once was a young man called Hutch
Who loved being tied up so much
He told Starsky his kink
Which made his partner think
Now Hutch can't move an inch

So I'll start at the beginning. It was all Nancy's fault--lol. She posted a link to Dawnwind's Bound series. I ended up reading the whole lot in a weekend. There wasn't much sleeping done over those few days! I searched for more bondage stories, and came up very light. Not sure that I found any at all, initially. Could well have been looking in the wrong place.

I liked the Starsky sub, with the Dom Hutch, and my first bondage story, in a zine, was Starsky asking Hutch to tie him up. I then got to thinking that I wanted a Hutch sub. I really wanted to visualize myself as Starsky dominating the big, blond God. Oh, to have that blond halo splayed out on a dark wood floor, with those gangly limbs imprisoned in silver chains or red rope. It seemed that other readers were yearning the same thing. There wasn't a Hutch sub story to be had. So the only way was to write one myself. And for those of you who have read my stories, the rest is history.

I was aware that there may well be a very small readership, and didn't mind that. The stories were to satisfy my own yearning, and that of the S&H friends who had the same need. However, I was pleasantly surprised. My stories seemed to be well received, with comments that people were reading out of their comfort zone and enjoying my labours, even though it wasn't their thing, usually. I do try to issue clear warnings where necessary. I don't want to upset anyone by their stumbling across a subject they are totally uncomfortable with. That happened to me when I first read slash. The warning was there, but I was new to the fandom and fanfiction and didn't know what slash meant. I was horrified that people could even imagine the guys doing that to each other. Hard to believe now. How we change. Not only do I write slash, but BDSM with the guys as well--including three- and foursomes with a Hutch sub! As well as my BDSM stories being online, I have had a few in zines, and also a novella. That was scary. A stand alone story that people pay for. It's not too bad in a zine, they get other stories for their hard earned cash if they don't like yours, but a novella leaves the author naked in a way. If they hate it, there's no-one got your back, no other stories to make them happy. Again, I had lovely comments for my trouble.

I do like to hurt Hutch, and not just with Starsky controlling the pain. I have written a violent rape with BDSM on Hutch, and a sequel about how he, and Starsky, dealt with the fallout. There is just something so satisfying about hurting, and, temporarily, marking that Nordic body. The angel suffers so nicely. The script writers obviously felt the same way; there is much Hutch hurting/angst in the show. There are many takers on hurting Hutch. Just as many, if not more, on hurting Starsky. Hurt/comfort is the staple of our fandom, it seems.

I even went out of my comfort zone and wrote a death fic, with my blond as the one who dies. I don't tend to read death fics, though I have read a few very nicely done ones, for both guys. I usually check other readers comments if a story has a death fic warning before I venture into the depths. But, for some reason, Hutch had other ideas and I wrote two stories, one from his POV, and a follow up from Starsky's POV.

Questions and answers on a postcard please, or failing that, comment below.

What has taken you out of your comfort zone, and how did it happen?

Was it as a reader, writer or both?

Did you like it or want to wash your brain out with bleach (a comment pinched from Dawnwind)?

What draws you to a hurt Hutch, or Starsky, or both?

Bound to the Law – Dawnwind:

wightfaerie stories:

View to a Kill – merricat (death fic) (this was suggested to me, have to admit I haven't read it)

Please feel free to post links for stories that you feel could be labeled as stories that are out of most readers comfort zone.
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