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Meet your Starsky and Hutch fic writers

I am reaching out to writers in our fandom and hope to get enough people answering the questions to have this be a weekly feature. (so far I have two more weeks worth.)

Presenting this week: Lily K (sc_fossil on livejournal)

1—When did you first watch Starsky and Hutch?

I watched on original run and entered the fandom after the movie when the DVDs came out. Popped them in and remembered how much I loved the show.

2--What made you start writing stories? Had you written fic in other fandoms?

I started writing in Sentinel. I'd left the fandom by the time I moved into S&H (and Pros), which was about the same time for both. I have written in TS, S&H, Pros, and a few one-offs here and there.

3--What is your process in writing? (outline first? Start at the beginning and work to the end? begin with a scene and work the story around it?)

I don't usually outline. I usually start at the beginning unless I have a scene in mind and write around it. I have also written the last line of a story before and then went from there.

4—Do you need to watch a few episodes or immerse yourself in other stories or the opposite?

I like to have the show running to hear the voices. It helps a lot.

5—What was your first story? Do you still like it?

My first S&H story was... Gosh, something for Love of Me and Thee probably. Maybe Green Promises... It was a "make Hutch hurl" challenge.

6—What is your favorite story?

That I've written or that I've read? That I've written is To Hell and Back. That I've read is... let's see... It's hard to pick a favorite. I can list a dozen right off that I love. Bound by the Law by Dawnwind, Evolution by DAM...

Lily K's Starsky and Hutch archive page: http://starskyhutcharchive.net/viewuser.php?uid=22

The archive she maintains: Dave and Ken's diner (all slash stories): http://daveandkensdiner.com/

Please remember to give our authors some love and feedback!
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