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Tuesday S&H recs: Jojo [Jul. 2nd, 2019|01:51 pm]
Starsky & Hutch Fans



The episode Jojo has such a powerful message I was surprised that there weren't more stories. Maybe the theme of resistance to rape and taking a stand is more (woke, as they say) now than it was in 1976?

Jojo is a nasty piece of work and no mistake. Starsky and Hutch are very sympathetic to the abused women but the whole culture then of having to prove why a woman provoked a rape rather than punishing the rapist for his violent acts was so pervasive.

One thing I always love about this ep: Starsky and Hutch sitting on the hillside in the long, dry grass. So evocative of California landscape and proof that it was a draught year since it was filmed in January when the hills would normally be green from winter rains. Brown grass is the color of summer around here.

No Man’s Land (gen) by Spencer 5460
Written in response to the Me and Thee 100 Drabble Challenge 302: Testify

Know any other Jojo themed stories? Or any focusing on Running? Cause next week, I got nuthin'