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Tuesday S&H recs: Las Vegas Strangler - The Starsky and Hutch Fan Community — LiveJournal [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
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Tuesday S&H recs: Las Vegas Strangler [Jul. 30th, 2019|11:03 am]
Starsky & Hutch Fans



Wow, we've made it to season two! The beginning of S&H's bloackbuster two parters, which always featured big name stars and rambling, not always plausible, plots. Starsky and Hutch get to dress up like extras from Guys and Dolls--did they really think people wear those clothes in Nevada? Hutch's old friend turns out to be the suspect in some murders in Las Vegas, but honestly, I never thought the LV police had that much of a case against him. And he's dying. Sadness. Starsky is jealous and makes a friend of one of the Vegas dancers who has a daughter with--I assume--spina bifida. Plus, gambling, Vegas glitz, and showgirls. Joan Blondell, the woman who works at the convenience store, played Lottie in Here Come the Brides with David Soul.

A Long Way Down (gen) by CJ Lorane
In the aftermath of Jack Mitchell's death, the case may be closed but Starsky has a lot of unanswered questions. Tag to "Las Vegas Strangler."

Cash Down (gen) by Izzie
Later thoughts on "The Las Vegas Strangler."

Any other LV Strangler themed fic?