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Tuesday S&H recs: Gimme that ol' time religion

For a series that never explicitly explores Starsky and Hutch's religions, we have several episodes that make either veiled reference to their church/synagogue experiences or shows that of other characters. There's Terror on the Docks (in a church), Captain Dobey, You're Dead (going to church), Bloodbath (a cult), Vampire (Satanic worship), Satan's Witches (more Satanic Worship), and Little Girl Lost (Christian and Jewish symbols in Starsky's car). Can you think of others? I love to throw a little religiosity into a story--and it doesn't always have to be set around winter holidays. I recall once reading a gen fic where Hutch left the force to become a priest. Sound familiar any of you fic detectives?

If Not Now, When? (m/m) By Astrid Caine
The year is 2014, and Hutch has been living peacefully in Duluth with his wife. He hasn't seen much of Starsky for decades and life is good. Being a cop is merely a memory now.

Fighting off Crazy as Best we Can (m/m) by Dawnwind
Seven days after The Fix, Hutch is still suffering residual withdrawals and finds solace from an unusual source.

A Hannukkah Letter by Curlew
A letter from Mrs Rachel Starsky in New York to her older son, Detective Sargent David Starsky in Bay City California. Dated December 1977, it was included in a hamper delivered to Detective Starsky’s desk on the morning of the first day of Hannukah.

Which are your favorites?
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