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Tuesday S&H recs: All hail Diversity

Starsky and Hutch had a fairly diverse cast for the mid seventies, with literally half the main cast non-white. (true story--my friend used to get Jet magazine which featured a small TV Guide type section on last page listing only Black characters in series. So Starsky and Hutch starred Bernie Hamilton and Antonio Fargus.) There were also a smattering of other ethnicities--including Dr.Quo in Starsky's Lady and Paco Ortega in Velvet Jungle. What about Kiko and his mom? Or Minnie and Dryden on the police force?

Two Objectively Successful Dates (multi) by Garrideb
Set immediately before and after the tag to The Velvet Jungle. Starsky and Laura have their fancy dinner date and then drop in on Hutch and Paco. But Hutch seems angry at the interruption; is it possible that he and Paco are on a date, too? Laura thinks so, and shares her theory with Starsky. But it'll take more than just a theory to convince Starsky that Hutch dates men, so he heads back to Hutch's later that night.

A Woman's Work is Never Done (f/f) by Dawnwind
Linda Baylor's been working vice for a while now, but this is the first day she's worked with Minnie Kaplan.

Kinda Grows on you (gen) by Bdonna
challenge response for me_and_thee_100 #28 'Simonetti'

Are there stories featuring Dr.Quo some of the other lessor seen characters?
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