July 13th, 2021

S&H kiss

Tuesday S&H recs: On vacation

Starsky and Hutch going on vacation together--whether for play or an undercover assignment--is canon. We see them go to Pine Lake together in Salem's Witches, to an island in Playboy Island (where exactly are they supposed to be? Did they film in Hawaii or is it all California?) and on a cruise to Mexico Murder at Sea. It's summer and the living is easy. Where else should they go?

The Reluctant Tourist by CC (CCwriter)
International travel isn't for everyone.

Sexy Lucky Fruit Basket (m/m) by Freshcandy
On vacation in Las Vegas, Starsky and Hutch take a hike. Overlooking the city, Hutch considers whether Starsky is a goat or a stag or a sexy lucky fruit basket.

Bound to the Law: Collar and Cuffs Required (m/m) by Dawnwind
After a mentally and physically trying case, Starsky and Hutch vacation on an exclusive island for people into BDSM.

Which are your favorite vacation destination reads?