July 20th, 2021

Hutch smiles

Tuesday S&H recs: music and songfic

Starsky and Hutch sing Black Bean Soup in Death Notice. Hutch sings country songs in Long Walk and Moonshine, plus Starsky plays guitar and sings Jim Croce in Avenger. What other music do they like? Or songs that work in stories?

I Will (m/m) by Mvernet
A Songfic inspired by The Beatles "I Will"

Can't Help Falling in Love with You (m/m) by Daisy_Morgan
It was love at first sight. They just didn't know it yet.

'Cause Somewhere in the Crowd, There's You (m/m) Dawnwind
Now that Hutchinson is a pop star, he invites Starsky to Glasgow to see his show. Will Starsky take the next step? Romance ensues.

What are you favorite songfic stories or songs where Starsky or Hutch play music?