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The Starsky and Hutch Fan Community

Fans of Starsky and Hutch

Starsky & Hutch Fans
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Created to give fellow Starsky and Hutch fans a place to gather on LiveJournal and talk about their favorite cops. Give respect, get respect. Discussion is greatly encouraged and topics related to Starsky and Hutch are always welcome. Slash and gen fans are both welcomed, so be aware that this is the case. Please label your posts so that the material contained therein can be quickly ascertained. Cut tags are a good thing, so use them when the post gets too long. Whether you're a fan who was there when Starsky first stepped out of that Candy Apple Red 1974 Gran Torino or you're a new fan who wants to know what all the hoopla around this cop duo is really about, then you're all in the right place.

Please remember to tag your posts. Posts that remain untagged will be deleted.

Become familiar with our policy on plagiarism as well.

If you have a question about the community, please write me at kimberlyFDR@yahoo.com.

ASK your fellow fans those burning questions you have about Starsky and Hutch. Don't know why Starsky carried around that ladder in Dandruff? Always wondered where Hutch got his desire for healthy living? Well, maybe we can't answer all your questions, but someone somewhere might know the answer, so ask away!

ENJOY a community where fellow fans of Starsky and Hutch can gather and talk about their favorite show. It's become a part of pop culture by just being true to itself. Two men, one car, a great show that's lasted almost three decades.

DISCUSS topics relating to the show, the characters, the actors. What's Paul been up to lately? What play is David currently starring in? Where's Antonio hanging out?

PROMOTE Starsky/Hutch zines needing submissions or upcoming cons where Starsky/Hutch is being represented. Is there a new zine premiering? Who's going to SHarecon? Find out here!

REC your favorite fanfiction. Label it as being slash/gen, as well as where to find it (which zine/site), and a tiny overview of what it's all about. Read a great story and want others to know? We love fanfic and we love recs, so share the love.

REMIND fellow fans about upcoming television/movie appearances by the boys. Something's Gotta Give. Salem's Lot. Car Wash. Fiddler on the Roof. Magnum Force. When and where will the boys show up next on the big or small screen?

SHOW pictures, vids, or articles you have about the boys (Paul, David, Antonio) The London meeting of 2003. The reunion of 1999. The new songvid that shows the boys in action. It's all welcome here.

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User Number: 1748976
Date Created:01-01-2004
Number of Posts: 2

Starsky and Hutch are this LiveJournal's mascot. They are two cool cops who work the streets and our hearts with style, grace, and a car to die for.
Strengths: Friendship, Partnership, and an ability to communicate without saying a word
Weaknesses: Seperation of the two has dire consequences
Special Skills: Shooting, Driving, Able to get their man
Weapons: Magnum, Baretta, and a Flashy Red Torino
Words to Live By: Me and Thee

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