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Zines for sale

Still have a couple of items for sale from my collection. They are: <lj-cut text="Read More" >
Sharecon 2014 Zine. 90 pages.. Over 33 stories, poems and works of art $15
Sins of the father Novella by Lorraine Bartlett 70 pages. Starsky H/C $15
Torn Novella by Morgan Logan. Digest Size 100 Pages $10
Jerico Novella By Morgan Logan Digest Size 137 pages $10
The Following 3 books are part of an original series written by Starsky and Hutch Fan, Tammy White. Although these are not Starsky and Hutch books, the characters closely resemble our two favorite detectives. Each book is autographed by the author
Partners, Buddies and Brothers $15
The Good, The Bad, And Everything in Between $15
Family Friends and LIfe $15

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collection for sale

My family is in a bind right now. We need to move and need the money for a deposit. So, reluctantly, I am selling off the rest of my Starsky and Hutch Collection. Items are as follows:
The following are Zines:

Convicted $15.00
Sins of the father $15.00

Objects In the Rear View Mirror $15.00
Sharecon $10.00
The Mind Enslaver $15.00
Torn (By Morgan Logan) $15.00
Jerico (By Morgan Logan) $15.00

Pm me for more info or to orderPay through paypal. This is posted on other S/H Sites. Shipping handling varies per each order

Zines for sale

I still have several zines for sale if anyone is interested. Prices have been lowered. They are as follows:

Blue Eyes and Blue Jeans $15
Venice Place Chronicles IX $15
Like Water Like Fire $15
Hidden Secrets Broken hearsts $15

The lucky and the strong $10
sharecon 2014 $10
TLC $15.00

Dangerous lives, dangerous visions # 4 $15

Shipping And Handling will be free as long as mailed within the united states.  Pay thru pay pal..

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Opinions on DVD choices

You Tube and fan discussions have been how I educate myself on episodes. If I decide to splurge on the DVDs, does the release matter? Why should I choose seperate seasons vs boxed set? Is one variation more complete than the other? I'd prefer English, but can play almost any region issue. Thanks for any input!
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Starsky and Hutch - All 4 Seasons are Together for the First Time

Just got notice from TVShowsonDVD that the 4-season collected edition of the SH DVDs is coming in November!

From 2004 to 2006, Sony Pictures Home Entertainment put out each individual season of the classic cop show. They never compiled all 4 seasons into one complete set, however...but now Mill Creek Entertainment, thanks to their re-release deal with Sony, is scheduling a November 10th street date for Starsky and Hutch - The Complete Series on DVD. Priced at $69.98 SRP, , this 16-disc set can be pre-ordered from Amazon right now at a discount.

More information, including the cover art, can be seen at the TVShowsonDVD site.

Anyone thinking about getting this edition? I already have all the seasons on DVD, so I'm not sure I'll spring for it again...unless there's cool features.

zines for sale

I have some zines for sale if anyone is interested. I have:

The Latest Model 5.00
Unopened doors 5.00
A love Story 5 5.00
A love story 6 5.00
La Vespers 2 10.00
The Fix 11 5.00
The Fix 12 5.00
Growing Pains 10.00
The Conspiracy 10.00
Timeless 3 10.00
Who You Know, What You Know, How You know it 10.00
Don't give up on us Baby 15.00\

I have have a photocopy of LA Knights 1 & 2. Will sell both for 10.00

Prices do not include shipping and handling. Pay pay only. Message me if interested
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Starsky and Hutch Season 1 DVDs To Be Re-Released

I just got an alert from TVShowsonDVD about this:

Starsky and Hutch - 'Season 1' is Coming Back to DVD Soon from Mill Creek Entertainment!

Amazon shows to expect this in the second half of January, but the studio hasn't formally announced it yet

Back in late August we brought you the press release announcing that Mill Creek Entertainment had struck a deal with Sony Pictures Home Entertainment, agreeing to re-release various TV-DVD titles which Sony had put out in the past. A number of these have already been announced for a January street date, but now Amazon.com is showing a couple of additional titles in this line-up! On of them isStarsky & Hutch - Season 1, originally available in 2004. According to Amazon, Mill Creek's new release will go for just $9.98 SRP, and hits the shelves on January 21st. Again, this is what the big e-tailer shows; since the studio hasn't formally announced the title quite yet, it might not be finalized information. Stay tuned for updates, and package art, just as soon as we can get them!

Taken from:http://www.tvshowsondvd.com/news/Starsky-Hutch-Season-1/19266#ixzz2nJp3ZTJT

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I have some zines for sale if anyone is interested. Please include $4.00 for shipping and handling unless you live outside of the United States then you will need to contact me for Shipping and handling charges. Payment thru paypal only. Zines will be mailed within one week of receiving payment. All zines are in good to very good condition. Descriptions of the various zines can be found on fanlore.

The Latest Model (Digest size) $8.00
My Lover, My Hero $10.00
Timeless Vol 3 $15.00
The Conspiracy $10.00
Growing Pains $10.00
The Fix Vol 12 $8.00
The Fix Vol 11 &8.00