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S&H movie moment

How many times have Starsky and/or Hutch been in the middle of a frantic car chase, and suddenly they're cut off by a tow truck or a van or whatnot, and they have to wave their badges and scream at the driver to get the hell out of the way! before the dynamite explodes, or Starsky/Hutch/some innocent person gets killed, etc.

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SH Best Buddies

Starsky and Hutch Is Love

sheafrotherdon is doing an SGA is Love festival and I thought "SH is Love, too!" So, yes, share what you love about Starsky and Hutch.

Is it a line of dialogue?

Is it a picture that sums up SH?

Is it a particular canon moment?

Is it a quote from Paul or David?

Is it the way Starsky and Hutch look?

What about Starsky and Hutch make you happy beyond happy? :)
carl by cassandrah

Finally saw Starsky & Hutch, the movie

That's two hours of my life I'll never get back. Excuse me while I dry heave a while. And let me make it clear that if I'd never ever seen the series, I'd have still thought it was a waste of time and quite boring in parts. But as I hold the original series quite close to my heart, I detested this movie.

Husband thought it was funny, I was appalled from the very beginning and actually yelled at the TV few times. Dobey guilting Starsky over his mother's shining career as a police officer? Everything about Huggy Bear? Hutch taking money out of a floater's wallet? Our guys as. . . incompetent bumbling idiots? GAH! Everything, everything, everything about the movie was wrong, except the clothes, the car, and the way Ben Stiller ran.

Instead of paying homage to the series, they mocked it by twisting the characters into one-dimensional parodies of themselves, and not even good parodies. What the fuck were these people thinking? I've asked myself that over and over. Why did they not let someone who adored the characters write the screenplay? Why, why, why? Why does Hollywood do such things. Why?

I did like the cameo of PMG and DS at the end, and the extra bits with them in the deleted scenes, but I didn't even enjoy that as much as I thought I would. Maybe because I was so disgusted by the whole thing already, and David Soul didn't seem that much like Hutch anymore, at least not as much as PMG seemed like Starsky in those clips. I'm surprised they consented to appear in this movie at all, given the script. I wanted our guys to beat the shit out of the fake S&H in the end to give me some satisfaction. I may have to write that scene just to keep the madness at bay.

I guess it was worth the cost of renting the DVD for those parts, but I wish I could scrub the rest from my brain.

If I could get my toothbrush far enough into my ear, I'd probably try.

The Movie

I've just seen Starsky and Hutch the Movie starring Ben Stiller and Owen Wilson.
It was incredibly funny and not what I expected from the stories.
I understand that they were doing a comedy based on the show so they may have changed some things, but there was a huge difference from what I've read and what they portrayed, so I have to know - how much of the back story in fanfics is fanon and what's canon?
What did they change to make their show funnier?
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You Sold My Car

Detective Brent and Steve B

I thought it would be nice to get a blast from the past, so I'm posting some links on Detective Brent's site. Many are aware of this great Torino site, but for those who are not...enjoy!

Hutch's Badge--A replica badge of our favorite blond.

Hollywood Memorabilia and Celebrities Show--Antonio is towering over Terry and he's just lost in Hutch's Letterman Jacket.

PMG Signed Torino Photo--His signature is one of a kind.

Antonio signing Steve B's Torino--Huggy in the trunk.

My older boys in Color and Black and White--I had to, they're my boys.

London Premiere 1--Large group shot.

London Premiere 2--A shot of Paul and David.

London Premiere 3--Misc group shots.

London Premiere 4--I don't even have to say anything about the David shot, you can read my mind.

And even though it's not on Detective Brent's site, it's linked off of it and should definitely not be missed. The SH Collectibles.com site is like my ultimate dream collection. This is all Steve B's collection. I would estimate that I have about 1% of what he has. I have a long way to go;) I love that everytime I look through his stuff, I always have that moment of exclamation: "I didn't even know they MADE that!"

And aside from Antonio, he also got David and Paul to sign his trunk as well.

And Julia sat in his car and signed a photo, too. No mention of her being the former Mrs. Soul.

I love Steve's collection, love it very much.
Dating Long Time

March Television Updates

How did it get to be March already? The year’s flying by, we’re getting older, and so is Paul. This month he will be 62 years old and dang doesn’t he still look good? Proof is in the background. And now, the TV Listings for the month...which includes some really nice suprises.

Paul Michael Glaser
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David Soul
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Antonio Fargas
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Not inclusive of local programming or appearances that aren't publicly known.
Cock Shot

Ladies Night--It's Heeeeeeeeere!

Paul Michael Glaser, how I love thee. That man can do anything and I'll go along with it. He's so calm at first and then he's not. Don't make Daddy mad because you wouldn't like him when he's mad. And I don't know if this family was this broken before the mother hit the road, but it's certainly screwed up in her absence. There's therapy for this kind of situation and it's not the kind where you haul off and hit each other. Art Kirkland would shoot Starsky in cold blood and smile about it. I love this man.

And for my thoughts as it was happening, read more--

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No Slash

I Had To

I'm sorry. I know alot of you are tired of the Ladies Night reviews, but I had to post this one. I just HAD to. The New York Times ran an article review of the movie. There are some great lines about Paul in it, but there's clearly one that is my favorite.

Susan Vercillino (Claudette Mink) and Jesse Grant (Colin Ferguson), the insurance-company good guys, are easily upstaged by the villains, as the dark Glaser-Turton chemistry is something to behold. The pair brings to mind John A. Muhammad and Lee Malvo, the age-discrepant accomplices in the 2002 sniper killings. (Art and Zach seem at first like boyfriends; the fact that they are related is only gradually revealed here.)

I think that speaks for itself. Yes, yes I think it does.

And the Hollywood Reporter has some good lines about Paul, too.

Paul Michael Glaser of "Starsky & Hutch" fame seems planted firmly in his element in this one. He's grand as a smooth-talking psycho named Art Kirkland...It's good to see Glaser playing a heavy; he's still got a great presence on the small screen and knows how to deliver a character -- even one as nasty as this story demands.