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Admin: Community Background Pic Temporarily Removed

Just a heads-up...Photobucket finally got me :( My photo links officially broke as of today.

As some of you may know, Photobucket decided to disallow third-party image hosting over the summer and instead now requires users to pay an annual subscription fee ($60/$100/$400 depending on how much space your account needs). The backgrounds on both my LJ and the SH community, as well as my personal mood icons, are all housed on Photobucket - as well as most of the images I've saved or taken over roughly the past 10 years. Now all of them are invalid because of the Photobucket change.

So! For now, I've removed the SH LJ community background and left it the default blue until I can poke around more and try to see if there's another place I can at least host some background images to link to. My actual Photobucket account, with all my SH images (linked in the community links above) should still be accessible for your use, but I won't be able to do fun SH photo posts or SH backgrounds at the moment. Sorry for the inconvienience :(