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On Charity Auction: Teri White's Promises to Keep & Cop Killer

Please pass on!


On Auction: Teri White's Promises to Keep & Cop Killer as well as much more!

This is a no-minimum CHARITY auction to help fellow fans with housing, medical, and food needs. Items have been donated anonymously for this purpose specifically. We have some great vintage zines, jewelry, electronics, handmade OOAK boxes. We can take charge cards, Paypal, personal checks.

PLEASE HELP spread the word, even if you’re not interested in purchasing. There’s a lot of fandom out there we simply cannot reach, and we appreciate those who help in any way. Thank you.

Details of how our auctions work below.

This Auction will run until September 2, 2018, 9 o'clock PM Eastern Time US. We will notify winners within 48 HOURS of AUCTION END. We do this all by hand, during our waking hours, and check/update as often as we can. Please be aware that at any time there may be valid bids in house that are not yet reflected on the auction site.

ALL POSTAGE IS SEPARATE and not included in prices. Zines can be mailed Media rate or Priority. Jewelry can go first class or Priority (first class up to 13 oz ONLY, then Priority). Boxes will go Priority. Tracking is free. All high ticket items will require insurance.

Bids are NOT 'eBay style' incremental bidding. What you tell us your bid is, that's what you'll be expected to pay should you win. ie: item shows $5 from LC. Next bidder XX emails a $45 bid. The bid on the site will be noted as $45 from XX, and XX will owe $45 plus postage should they win.

Bids are taken in order by their email date/time stamp. The site will show bid and initials of bidder. In the case of equal bids, first in by date/time stamp will be the one accepted for that amount.

ALL bids arriving prior to auction end will be taken as valid, even if they arrive last minute and therefore do not show on the site.

When notified you have won an auction, we MUST have your FULL shipping address and if you want Media Rate or Priority as appropriate, so we can calculate postage and get you a total. We will give you the best possible shipping rates. This information is required WITHIN 48 HOURS of notification you have won an auction, and we must have payment or a request for payment arrangements within 24 HOURS after you receive your total with shipping. We understand about paydays, and can make arrangements with you, but you MUST contact us promptly. We take Visa, Mastercard, Discover, Amex, and Paypal, or personal checks and postal money orders. NO SHIPMENTS MADE until payment fully clears. Checks can take 2 weeks.

If we do not hear from winners within the deadline, the item may be offered to the next highest bidder.

We will try to both confirm your bid and warn you when you've been outbid, as much as possible. If there's a closing flurry of bids on one item, this may not be possible, but we will try.

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S and H Kittens

Two classic S&H zines for sale (not mine)

Charity zine sale. Zines donated to be sold to assist two older, long time media/zine fans in financial hardship.

Two, Teri White GEN Starsky & Hutch zines from 1979. Bound together in a two hole punch report cover, otherwise in good condition with only expected wear from age.

Promises to Keep: This was Teri’s FIRST S&H story after extensive writing in Star Trek. Illos by Paulie Gilmore (this is  the Paulie later known as PJ Alexander, or Paulie Morvant Alexander of The Presses.) It’s 76 pages.

CopKiller: 168 pages.  The title page is autographed and personalized to the original owner (who wants to be anonymous, but who is also a television writer and fan writer with a long history in fandom.)

Information on both is on Fanlore.

Requiem Publications is planning to put these on auction. Interested parties can email ReqPub@gmail.com to be notified when the auction page is up, or to submit prebids. Tentative closing date for the auction is August 31, 2018 Midnight EST. Please note our auctions are NOT ‘autobid’ like eBay. If an item is currently $5 and you tell us $100, THAT is your bid. The item will then be marked $100, and payment within 48 hrs or arrangements made will be expected.

Deadlines: award nominations, SHareCon zine: August 15

We extended our deadline for the Paula Wilshe and Marian Kelly nominations to August 15. So for all of you last minute types like me, this is very close to the last minute!!! Get your nominations in! Remember, if you haven't nominated your fav new writer, or fav established writer, story, vidder, vid, artist and art, and you see it on the nominations list, go ahead and nominate again. Final voting will come down to the creators and works with the most nominations. Yours counts! Don't delay.

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Flamingo, Cyanne, and Keri

Zines For Sale

I have a couple of zines for sale. Payment through paypal. (messaage me for paypal address) Shipping and handling free as long as mailed in United States and discount if you order more than one.

Torn By Morgan Logan $10

Sharecon 2014 $10

Sharecon 2016 $20

Hopscotch $7

Jerico By Morgan Logan $10

Looking for Mojave Crossing


I am making this request on behalf of Suzan Lovett. She is looking for a copy of Zebra Three, Volume One, if anyone has one for sale. Or, at a minimum, a photocopy of "Mojave Crossing," by Connie Faddis.

You can contact Suzan directly at lovettgs at comcast dot net.